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An audiovisual experience by artist James Paterson [@presstube] and musician Stephen Ramsay [@younggalaxy], that creates an eternal seven day looping art broadcast.

The collection is divided into 6300 cassettes, 900 for every day of the week, and all are available for purchase.

Fabrication is live


Decades of drawing & animation inform KRILLER’s visual libraries. Paterson’s pen & ink pages scanned by the hundred. Countless frames of animation meticulously drawn.

Sigils, symbols, tiles and textures were poured into a cast of equally hand-crafted generative art components: Grid, Sketchbook, Stream, MEM & Lattice, each perform a unique role in KRILLER’s visual architecture.

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Music Journal

Using a collection of modern and vintage audio-tech, Stephen Ramsay composed 630 unique musical stems for Kriller to combine into 6300 seamlessly looping ambient songs as an accompaniment to the visual art.

KRILLER’s audio engine is an endlessly interoperable sonic playset. Each piece of music was created in the key of C, 120 beats per minute, and 64 seconds long in order for the engine to mix them into thousands of unique cassette soundtracks. There are over 300 albums worth of music in the KRILLER project.

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A photograph of James Paterson taking a photo of Stephen Ramsay's synthesizer collection
Explore the sounds of the 630 musical stems which KRILLER uses to make its cassette soundtracks. TapClick to toggle them on/off

Be sure to switch your mobile-device off silent mode in order to listen along


From MORODERINMORDOR, to BUTTERPILLOWS to MINECRAFTSADLAMP, Stephen Ramsay created a new language to describe sound. Each stem name playfully reflects the synths used, the sounds created, as well as sly references to pop culture.

Foregoing the use of artificial intelligence, and perhaps even genuine intelligence, a system known as FRAGMELD was developed to assign a name to each cassette. Fun fact: it even came up with the name KRILLER.

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Code Quilting

With the rise of AI, coding ‘by hand’ may soon be considered antiquated and obsolete. Yet, similar to driving a manual transmission car or developing film photography, a hands-on approach to programming infuses the creator’s lived experience into the grain of the work.

There is something precious about the craft of writing code as a primary creative medium. Functions like brush strokes. Pushing and popping arrays like fingers dancing across piano keys. Code can be a beautiful heart-felt thing and KRILLER approaches it like a group of wizened grannies sitting together in a quilting circle, meticulously laying down colorful thread.

Perched atop a dense technological infrastructure, Kriller was coded with tender loving care by James Paterson, Jacob DeHart & Greg Sadetsky.

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On June 3rd KRILLER becomes available to the public. After each cassette is purchased it will be forever engrained with its fabricator.

Once all 6300 cassettes have been fabricated Kriller will settle into its final form: a single, looping weeklong ambient art broadcast for all to freely enjoy at kriller.com/broadcast